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18 Aug

Synchronizing Your Droid to Exchange Online BPOS Office365

Configuring the Droid to synchronize with Exchange Online is probably not much different than synchronizing with any Exchange server.  It all starts with creating a new Account on the Android:

  • From the Settings application, touch “Accounts & sync”.
  • Touch the “Add account” button at the bottom
  • Choose “Corporate” as the type of account to create.
  • You’ll be prompted for a Email Address and Password.  Enter the same email account and password that you use to log into BPOS, and then touch the “Next” button.
  • The next page is where it tried to be smart about what you entered on the previous page.  Basically, only the Password will be correct at least in my case.
  • Replace the Domain\Username with the same email that you entered on the previous screen.  Its okay to have the backslash as the first character.
  • For the Exchange server, refer to the Mobile Device URLs for your region that are listed on the “URLs for Microsoft Online Services” page.  For my account, I had to specify:
  • I also have “Use secure connections SSL” and  “Accept all SSL certificates” checked.
  • Click Next to go the the Account Options screen.
  • Set the “Email checking frequency” and “Amount to synchronize”.  I used Automatic Push and One week, respectively.
  • You can also choose to “Send email from this account by default” I dont, “Notify me when email arrives” I do, and “Sync contacts from this account” I do.
  • Click Next to go to the final screen.  Give the account a friendly name, and enter your name to be displayed on outgoing email.  Then touch the “Done” button.

via Synchronizing Your Droid to Exchange Online BPOS.

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