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28 Dec

Sprint integration with Google Voice = Text Messaging Nightmare

I’ve used Google Voice on HTC devices with the mobile device being a secondary number to the Google Voice number. This has worked great as a way to have access to your voice messages via the web interface and via the app.
When I got the Samsung Nexus S (Sprint) device, we ported a number from T-Mobile to Sprint. The user has never used Google Voice, so I went with the Sprint Integration option. The voicemail works just like I was used to on the other GV Android devices without Sprint Integration option. However, we noticed a huge issue with the SMS text messages; Google Voice replaced the stock messaging app for handling text messages. Worst of all, there is not a setting online or via the app to select which app handles the SMS messaging for the device. After much research, I found this to be a common issue with the Sprint Integration option of Google Voice.
I resolved the issue by going to the Google Voice Settings via the web interface. Under the Phones section, click ‘Deactivate Google Voice on your Sprint phone.” Once saved, click “Activate Google voicemail on this phone” and dial the phone number on your Android device.

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