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27 Mar

Introducing the All-New ASUS Transformer P1801 All-in-One PC

Choice is a Beautiful Thing – The All-in-One PC that transforms into a tablet

The All-new ASUS Transformer AiO is a powerful Windows 8 All-in-One PC that can transform into a tablet. Offering all the essentials of HD entertainment and productivity, including full 1080p graphics on a large 18.4-inch, 10-point multitouch, IPS display, the Transformer can also become a full-fledged Android tablet. Powered by a 3rd gen Intel Core processor and discrete NVIDIA GeForce graphics, the PC section, housed within the base, the P1801 can handle demanding multitasking or graphic-heavy tasks, including mainstream videogames. Windows 8 remote mode1 lets you wirelessly use the tablet for Windows 8 when the tablet is undocked. Easily and effortlessly switch between Windows 8 and Android modes from the dedicated blue button located on the side of the tablet.  For even greater convenience, the PC base station has an HDMI input so, if someone is using the tablet, you can still be using the PC through an external display. The Transformer AiO comes with dual-band wireless 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz connectivity for compatibility as well as ultra-fast wireless data rates2. The Transformer AiO is the ultimate innovative tech machine that gives you the versatility nothing else can.

Dual OS – Windows 8 and Android

The Transformer AiO lets you instantly switch between Window 8 and Android operating systems via a simple button. Giving you the ability to natively play every app and game made for either of them. Windows 8, reimagined to be all about you, lets you stay up to date and keeps what things you care about close with live tiles and multitasking capabilities. Android plays all the latest apps and games found on the Google Play Store on a super-sized screen. Plus, you can always access the same data with any OS as the SSD is recognized by both Android and Windows 8.

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