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Peachtree Quantum 2010 & 2011 emailing form issue

Problem: When the user selects to email a form in Peachtree, the following message appears: “Peachtree cannot find the required file or it has been corrupted. Please reinstall Peachtree or contact Peachtree Technical Support.” Solution: After working with two Sage techs, we discovered that the “-” in the Peachtree printer, “Peachtree E-mail Writer,” was missing. We […]

Digging the Google Docs update

from Google Apps Blog Over the past year, many of you have been taking advantage of the ability to upload any file to Google Docs. With more files and of a variety of file types in one place, it becomes more difficult to organize and find what you need quickly. As a result, we are happy […]

Lenovo Wireless Radio Disabled

I have run into this a lot since the latest version of Access Connections on Lenovo ThinkPads. In an effort to save battery life and go green, users are having a hard time getting connected to wireless networks. The wireless radio is turned off when not in use by default. I find that disabling this […]