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18 Dec

Sync, Store and Share Your Files With Ease. A Better Cloud | Cubby.com

Meticulously built for simplicity. If you’ve used other cloud storage solutions, you know how limiting they can be. You’re forced to move your files to their special folder, every...

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15 Nov

Pogoplug: Unlimited Cloud Storage, Only $4.95/month

PogoPlug is offering Unlimited Cloud Storage, $4.95/monthStore everything, share anything, play anywhere via Pogoplug: Unlimited Cloud Storage, Only $4.95/month.

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25 Oct

Pogoplug hooks up with Amazon Glacier for cheap cloud storage | VentureBeat

This sounds like a great hybrid solution for the home. Backup storage provider Pogoplug has integrated with Amazon’s new Glacier cloud storage in a move to make personal backup...

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