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31 Jul

Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome Gets Gmail Clipping

This is great news. It will be a very useful feature to be able to quickly rip notes from email. Web Clipping is one of our favorite Evernote features....

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07 Jun

Gmail’s new inbox that puts you back in control

The new inbox groups your mail into categories which appear as different tabs. You simply choose which categories you want and voilà! Your inbox is organized in a way...

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14 Feb

Default Text graduates from Gmail Labs

Default Text lets you change the default size and style of the text in the messages you compose. So whether you like your text a little larger or just...

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12 Feb

Gmail Account Bad Request Error 400

The problem appears to be with the GMAIL_IMP value stored in the cookie for mail.google.com When you get the “Bad Request – Error 400” follow these steps: 1) Right...

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06 Jan

Gmail’s New Look Goes Permanent for Google Apps

The new look for Gmail starts to roll out as the default interface on Tuesday, Jan 10 and continues to the end of the week. After that, the new...

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