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25 Jul

Go Google: Hall and Oates – YouTube

Another great Google ad… Ever wondered how songwriters come up with their lyrics? Well, thanks to Google documents, songwriters can now collaborate live on new ideas from anywhere in...

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25 May

Find facts and do research inside Google Documents | Docs Blog

Find facts and do research inside Google DocumentsToday we’re introducing the research pane—a new feature that brings the web’s wealth of information to you as you’re writing documents.The research...

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25 Apr

Hands On With Google Drive: Cloud Storage for Google Loyalists

ATLTEK got theirs yesterday! One of the worst-kept secrets in the technology space, Google Drive, is finally here — live and yours to explore, if you’re game. via Hands...

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25 Feb

Teach your old docs new tricks with Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

Millions of businesses are experiencing radical productivity gains with web-powered tools, and today Google Apps collaboration is ready for every employee. We’re bringing multi-person, simultaneous editing to the Microsoft Word,...

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31 Jan

Digging the Google Docs update

from Google Apps Blog Over the past year, many of you have been taking advantage of the ability to upload any file to Google Docs. With more files and of...

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