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How to delete contact hornygirlhere from Hotmail

It’s a group invitation. You can delete it easily. In your Hotmail box. click on the contact list at the sidebar. That is the contact list that doesn’t contain the hornygirlhere contact. Then look for the ‘invitation’ word and click on it. Hornygirlhere will pop up and you can decline the invitation. the contact will […]

Peachtree Quantum 2010 & 2011 emailing form issue

Problem: When the user selects to email a form in Peachtree, the following message appears: “Peachtree cannot find the required file or it has been corrupted. Please reinstall Peachtree or contact Peachtree Technical Support.” Solution: After working with two Sage techs, we discovered that the “-” in the Peachtree printer, “Peachtree E-mail Writer,” was missing. We […]