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Verizon Visual Voicemail Error

Did you update your Verizon phone recently and now Visual Voicemail isn’t working? You’re not alone. Basic Visual Voicemail is now free! To resolve the issue, login to your Verizon account and change the features on your line. Change the Voicemail feature to “Basic Visual Voicemail.”   Samsung Galaxy S5 Visual Voicemail Error | Verizon […]

Permanent Ban on Samsung Phones in the US? No Good! | Android Headlines – Android News, Phones, Tablets, Apps, Reviews, Rumors

Huge win for Samsung here in the US! “The phones at issue in this case contain a broad range of features, only a small fraction of which are covered by Apple’s patents,” “Though Apple does have some interest in retaining certain features as exclusive to Apple, it does not follow that entire products must be […]