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20 Jan

Click CTRL to find that mouse pointer in Windows 8.1 Pro

If you are having trouble finding your mouse pointer while flipping through multiple monitors or tons of tabs and windows, this is a good tool. The Windows 8.1 settings...

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19 Jun

Office 2013 applications freeze when printing to HP printers

I experienced an issue with a client’s computer in an environment with a Windows 2008 print server and HP printers. The computer is running MS Office 2013 Office365 Mid...

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28 Aug

Change a dynamic disk back to a basic disk: Storage Services; Local File Systems

I was looking all over for this and found the solution at TechNet. I had a disk that was a slave drive from a dead computer, and I want...

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08 May

Update your old laptop to Win7 anyways….

We know you mentioned that your system didnt have the specs to be upgraded to Windows 7, but we would be remiss if we didnt point out that the...

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11 Mar

LEAP Motion Controller – Pre-Orders

Available May 2013 • Best Buy Exclusive Raise your hands and wave hello to the future. The Leap Motion controller senses your individual hand and finger movements so you...

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