Click CTRL to find that mouse pointer in Windows 8.1 Pro

If you are having trouble finding your mouse pointer while flipping through multiple monitors or tons of tabs and windows, this is a good tool. The Windows 8.1 settings don’t include the option, but the “Mouse” settings show the more advanced configurations. Click the Windows/START key and type “mouse” to search for the settings. Select […]

Verizon Visual Voicemail Error

Did you update your Verizon phone recently and now Visual Voicemail isn’t working? You’re not alone. Basic Visual Voicemail is now free! To resolve the issue, login to your Verizon account and change the features on your line. Change the Voicemail feature to “Basic Visual Voicemail.”   Samsung Galaxy S5 Visual Voicemail Error | Verizon […]

Microsoft starts to roll out Groups in Office 365

Groups will roll out to Office 365 customers in phases, first to customers that have elected to receive significant Office 365 service updates at first release, an opt-in program. Following that, Groups will roll out to all Office 365 customers over several months in standard release, the default option for Office 365 customers. We expect Groups […]