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05 Mar

Google said to prep e-commerce push

The service would act as a central destination for existing Google commerce moves such as Google Shopping and the check-out features of Google Wallet, which unifies a payment system...

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04 Mar

Google Chrome App Updates Bring Speed, Better Sharing

Google pumped up its Chrome apps today, launching a faster, more responsive Android option and improved search and sharing on iOS. Both apps also got security improvements and bug...

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20 Feb

Meshin Calendar is closing down

Meshin is stopping development on the Evernote calendar app that integrates with your notes and Google calendar.  Android users will be able to continue using the existing app, but iPhone users...

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14 Feb

Default Text graduates from Gmail Labs

Default Text lets you change the default size and style of the text in the messages you compose. So whether you like your text a little larger or just...

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12 Feb

Gmail Account Bad Request Error 400

The problem appears to be with the GMAIL_IMP value stored in the cookie for When you get the “Bad Request – Error 400” follow these steps: 1) Right...

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